Positly Study Recruiter
Positly Study Recruiter
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    Positly helps you find quality participants and provides the tools you need to manage them for faster, more effective research

Why researchers prefer Positly...

Manage participants from start to finish with Positly for more robust research.
You can recruit, screen, survey, message, re-target and compensate participants from a single dashboard!

Refined targeting

Easily screen participants by demographics, our advanced attributes or create your own custom attributes.

Quality participants

We have advanced quality measures in place to ensure each participant is reliable, engaged and relevant to your research.

Easy setup, fast results

Within minutes you can add your study and begin receiving results. We simplify iterative research on a large scale for better, more accurate results.

Re-target participants

Have a longitudinal study? Need to ask follow up questions? We make it easy to follow up, message or exclude participants.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Link your study

Use your favourite research tools — all we need is a link to your activity and a brief description for your participants.

2. Select your participants

Easily define your target demographics, custom attributes, previous activities and more!

3. Set your compensation

Use our suggestions or customize to fit your needs.

Pricing that’s affordable and fair

Simple & affordable

Positly simplifies and manages participant compensation so you can focus on other areas of your research, all for a small commission.

Fair rewards

Participants deserve fair compensation for their time. We provide you with guidance and feedback to deliver happy, engaged participants that keep coming back.

What our researchers say...

"I get quality results incredibly fast. It's both simple to use and highly customizeable. I rave about it to everyone I know conducting research." 
– Aislinn

"It's simple, elegant, fast, and a game-changer for social science. I've had three hundred responses in less than an hour​. My days of hunting for participants are over - now I won't use anything else."
– Peter